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Is there room in mystery shopping for senior citizens?

There's no maximum age limit on shopping, which means that there isn't one on mystery shopping, either. Given the portion of the market targeted directly toward those over a certain age, having this niche group of mystery shoppers is a necessity. For those who have worked long enough to be able to retire, working may just be a part of who you are. Working as a mystery shopper could be a great way to gain some extra income while still having enough time to enjoy retirement.

Accessing a niche market
Senior citizens have a claim to services that no one else does. They're part of a specific market that is targeted by major corporations solely based on their age and the unique needs that come with it. This is why the most appropriate mystery shoppers for the senior citizen industry are none other than senior citizens. Whether it be age-specific medial services or shops that specialize in supplies for the elderly, having someone over a certain age work as a mystery shopper that's a part of the targeted demographic is a lot more efficient then sending in someone that's thirty years their junior that would otherwise have no business there. 

Common assignments
Some of the most common mystery shopping assignments for senior citizens are assessments of medical providers. Jobs for senior citizens could vary between inquiring into Medicare providing practices or just getting a feel for the facilities. These medical mystery patients are put in place to evaluate the cleanliness and overall quality of service. It's important that they take note of the staff members they encounter and make note of any major offenses, like being provided incorrect or misleading information or having personal records delivered in public areas. 

The average pay for these jobs varies, but the average is between $8 and $20 per job. The main requirements for this job are an ability to pay attention to details and basic computer knowledge to complete detailed reports of their findings. 

Added benefits
Studies show that it's good for seniors to maintain a certain level of activity everyday. Working a part-time job as a mystery shopper is a great way to get a regular dose of activity and interaction with other people. Also, having an additional source of income through occasional part-time work is good for anyone, especially those who are supporting themselves off of a 401k and social security.