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Managing your mystery shopping jobs

Depending on how many mystery shopping jobs you take on - and the other jobs and activities you already have - managing everything can be tough. Time management is definitely something you'll have to worry about, but sometimes it can be tough to even keep everything straight. Good mystery shoppers are adept at organizing and completing the jobs they sign up for. Management of jobs and the tasks that it takes to complete those jobs is something that every mystery shopper has to deal with. 

Utilizing tools
Keeping track of everything will probably be impossible if you don't use some kind of tool. It can be a log book, a new app, a calendar or something else entirely. Here are a few options that work well: 

  • Software options
    There are tons of options out there when it comes to software. Usually you won't have to buy anything to keep track of your jobs. Most people can get by with the programs provided free with a Google account. The calendar, word processor, and spreadsheet applications are extremely useful. If you feel that you need something more, consider using free project management tools like Asana, GanttProject or Podio. These tools are free for up to a certain number of users so you should be fine if you're using it for yourself. Any good software option will have a phone app that allows you to access your task list and calendar from anywhere. 
  • Notebooks, logbooks and calendars
    Some people prefer to use good old paper, and sometimes there is noting better than just jotting something down. If you're one of those people who prefers to write everything down, go to an office supplies store and purchase what you need. 

Keep up to date
No matter what tools you choose to use, really use them. Don't put everything you need to do into a task list and then never cross things off your task list. If you find that you're not using the tools you've chosen, try new ones. Once you find the right tool, you'll find that managing your mystery shopping jobs and your other jobs and activities becomes much easier.