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Memorial Day mystery shopping

Memorial Day is meant to provide citizens with an opportunity to honor those who have fallen in past wars. On the national holiday, many gather at memorials, have barbecues and spend time with loved ones. But another activity that's become popular on Memorial Day is taking advantage of the sales that are hosted by a variety of stores. Given that a lot of people will have the day off from work, it's a perfect time for retail locations to lower their prices and take advantage. 

As a mystery shopper, you may be able to spend your Memorial Day looking into these sales as part of an assignment. As one of the more popular shopping days of the year, Memorial Day should provide much needed mystery shopping opportunities so that retail locations can get a fair assessment of how they operate during their busier periods. If you're lucky enough to have the spare time and are looking to get a mystery shopping assignment on Memorial Day, here are some things you may want to look for or keep in mind. 

Early sales
Not all Memorial Day sales take place on actual Memorial Day. Be aware that some retail locations could start their sales a few days, sometimes even a few weeks, in advance to draw a bigger crowd. This is also because not all locations are open on Memorial Day. If you plan accordingly, you may be able to get Memorial Day mystery shopping experiences for most of May.

Coupons add an interesting aspect to your mystery shopping experience. You may get an assignment with specific instructions to use certain coupons to see how the staff handles it - they may even be provided in advance by the location. There are people that make it a common practice to use multiple coupons when they shop to get the most for their money, which can be hard for employees to keep up with. Even if you aren't specifically instructed to use coupons for the job, you should still consider it because they're popular when it comes to Memorial Day sales and you will be able to notify the location's management of how its staff handles coupon use when you file your report.

Even if you aren't able to take advantage of Memorial Day and make it an extra vacation day, you could still devote the free time to future travels. Many travel and booking agencies treat Memorial Day as an opportunity to offer discounts. Last year, websites such as and lowered their prices as much as 40 or 50 percent. This is an instance where things could work out even better for you because you'll get paid to book a trip that you might really be interested in taking. 

The month of May, Memorial Day specifically, is known for offering great sales on mattresses. Mattresses are one of those things no one buys until they need to, except for when they're on sale. Retailers are known to drop mattress prices down to as low as 50 percent off on Memorial Day. And unlike other times of year, May is when you're likely to find free shipping deals on mattresses. You can even fit mattress shopping into some of your other mystery shopping given that they're often sold at major retail locations.

Memorial Day is usually when stores get rid of as much of their spring clothing as possible with low sales and start to introduce their summer items. This can either be done in stores or online to assess your shopping experience. When shopping for clothes on Memorial Day, you'll most likely be a part of a larger crowd, so make sure that you're watching to see how the staff is handling the influx of customers.