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Memory tips for mystery shoppers

If you've ever performed a mystery shopping assignment and then forgotten some vital aspects when writing, you know how frustrating it can be. Although we are all human and not expected to remember everything, there are steps you can take to prevent this. Here are some memorization techniques that can help you as a secret shopper:

This technique is quite simple, but it can really help trigger your memory. The trick is to associate an item with something that brings you joy. For instance, say you were performing a mystery assignment in a grocery store. Your job was to make sure all of the aisles were properly stacked, cleaned and organized. If you're in the fruit aisle and notice  blueberries spilled all of the floor, you can associate it with something you like, such as blueberry pie. That way, when your brain remembers blueberry pie, it'll spark the memory of the unorganized produce section. This will give you more vivid memories from your assignments, and your writing will be more descriptive and helpful to your mystery shopping company. 

Sometimes mystery shopping assignments require intricate details, such as the name or appearance of an employee. When mystery shopping, regardless of the venue, it is most likely you're going to run into quite a few people. This is where most mystery shoppers struggle. Seeing and meeting new people can become overwhelming. To help combat forgetfulness, take note of specific attributes when it comes to employees or people. For instance, if you want to touch on a certain employee in your report, try picking out something specific about his or her appearance. Maybe if it's a man, he has a red beard or if it's a woman, she was wearing chandelier earrings. Whatever it is, try to focus on it so you can provide more detail in your writing. 

One of the techniques is to simply call an employee by his or her name. Odds are, he or she is wearing a name tag. Be sure to check it out, and then try saying it out loud. Hearing the name out of your own mouth instead of only in your head can help you remember down the road. 

Some people's memories thrive on visualization. If your looking to improve your memory, try this small trick. Focus on colors or specifics in the place you're at. This visual image created in your head will help you recall the details when you're writing your report.