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Mystery shopping for stay-at-home moms: How to handle the kids and the gigs

For stay-at-home moms, mystery shopping can be a productive way of making some extra cash while still handling everything at home. Being a mom is hard work. Dealing with kids and keeping up a home isn't easy, so taking on mystery shopping jobs might sound like the last thing you want to do, but being a mystery shopper is a low-stress, and in many cases fun, way of making a little extra cash. Still, you might feel like your schedule is a little too busy to fit in a few jobs, but in most cases you can find time at least for a few shopping jobs. Mystery shopping is something that can be completely built around your own schedule, so you can make it work with the kids school, soccer practice or anything else. 

You can take your kids with you
For most of the jobs you have as a mystery shopper, you can take your kids with you if you need to. The only time you couldn't take your kids is if minors weren't allowed into the building that the shop was at, or if the directions specifically ask you to do your shopping alone. The majority of jobs, however, you could take your kids with you and it won't matter. 

Do jobs when your kids are at school or at practice
Chances are, your kids are enrolled in some kind of activity, and while you probably want to attend and watch your kids play in athletic games and participate in academic contests, you won't need to attend every event. This means you can use that time to mystery shop. Use school days, practices and other times your kids are out of the house to do a few shopping jobs. Many mystery shopping jobs are for restaurants, so if your kids are staying at a friends house, consider going doing a mystery shopping job at a restaurant with your spouse, and you'll often be reimbursed for what you spent. 

Leave your kids with your spouse
If your significant other works while the kids are at school, wait until they get home and then head out for a mystery shopping job. If you plan it right, you can probably pick up some dinner while you're out. Most jobs only take a few hours so you'll be home pretty quickly. This gives you some time alone, and gives your spouse time to spend with the kids.