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Mystery shopping on vacation

Whether mystery shopping is a hobby or a main source of income, one of the best things about it is that you can do it almost anywhere. So why not take some assignments while you're on vacation? 

Mystery shopping while on vacation could be a good source of additional income. It can also serve as an excuse to sight-see or buy souvenirs.

Things to consider
In general, vacations take a lot of planning. When you add the fact that you'll be balancing work and relaxation, it takes even more preparation than normal. Here are some things you should consider before deciding to go on a mystery shopping vacation. 

  • Job listings: Whether you'll be driving across the country or flying somewhere straight from home, you should find out what jobs are going to be available. An interesting way to integrate pit stops into a road trip is to find shops to stop in along the way. Stopping by gas stations that you're actually on assignment for is a great way to get the full mystery shopping experience from the perspective of a shopper. The same could apply for a layover destination in between flights or restaurants and shops in airport terminals. 
  • Bring the office with you: If you're going to shop while on vacation, make sure that you're ready to take work with you. It's important to bring all necessary documents and anything else you would normally use to complete an assignment. 
  • Set aside the time: If you're an experienced mystery shopper, you know that there's more to the job than walking into a shop, asking some questions and going on your way. You'll need to set aside time to write detailed reports and appropriately prepare beforehand. 
  • Schedule carefully: A lot of mystery shopping jobs have listed dates of when they should be completed. Make sure that the dates of your vacation and all of your potential shop visits line up. 

What you'll do
If you go mystery shopping while on vacation, you should clearly understand that you will be working. If you bring family along, you'll probably be spending time away from them to get your assignments done. The main thing you need to ask yourself is how much time you're willing to spend away from your family. 

he work that you'll be doing is an even trade-off for the opportunity for anyone you brought along to enjoy the experience of a vacation. You could be writing reports on your interactions with hotel staff, visiting gift shops and turning your tourist experience into a job while your family is off experiencing the amenities of the cruise, resort, amusement park or other form of vacation -you'll essentially be working for them to enjoy themselves.

It is possible to bring your family along with you on assignments and still make sure everyone enjoys themselves. For example, if you're lucky enough to get an assignment to visit a touring agency, you can bring the family along to enjoy the experience and learn more while you take detailed notes of the experience. They could even help you by recalling certain details that you didn't notice.

Paying for the trip
In a best case scenario, you'll make enough on your mystery shop vacation to cover the trip for yourself and your family. Some assignments in resorts offer reimbursement for travel and lodging expenses upon completion. There's also a chance of making a profit from your mystery shopping, which basically means you could make money for going on vacation. Even if the trip isn't fully reimbursed, or if you don't make a profit, many vacation-themed mystery shopping assignments offer discounted prices.