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Tips for introverted mystery shoppers

Mystery shopping can be intimidating for people who consider themselves introverted or shy. This should definitely not hold back future shoppers from signing up for their first assignment. There are tricks mystery shoppers can use to ensure a smooth, comfortable shop every time.

Prepare before the shop
There is no better way to ensure a successful shop then preparing thoroughly. Memorize the details of each requirement, stated Mystery Shop Maven. This will make performing in the moment much easier. Keep a copy of the requirements with you as you shop, just in case.

Taking yourself on a mental journey from the start of the shop through the finish will also serve you well during the gig. If you are familiar with the location, picture it as you prepare. If you are not familiar with the location, simply visualize yourself interacting with an employee and making any purchases required of you. This will also increase the likelihood that you'll complete all the tasks asked of you.

Some shops do not require you to complete tasks alone. In fact, many shops at restaurants ask that more than one person be included in the dining party. Choosing these shops, at least when starting out, can ease the tension you feel about completing tasks. 

Focus during the shop
Be sure to force yourself to relax as you enter the store or venue of the shop. If you experience social anxiety, try counting to 10 and slowing down. Mystery shopping can sometimes feel vulnerable or insincere. Push these thoughts out of your head and focus on the task at hand. You are helping a business and they need your expertise. Keep breathing even breaths and imagine you're a typical customer, like you are on any other day you're not completing a shop.

Initiating a conversation with a store employee may seem easier to some people than others. In a shop that requires you to interact with an employee to a great extent, or even more than is normally within your range, speak positively and warmly. Entrepreneur encouraged this as it will also keep you calm and collected. Try to identify the salesperson that appears most receptive to you and available to help.

Getting employee information
Some shops require knowing exactly which employee a mystery shopper interacted with during their visit. If they are not wearing a nametag or they neglect to share their name with you, you're going to have to find a way to get it. Don't let this one thing destroy your whole report.

Obviously, one option is to ask the team member their name directly. If this is too forthright for comfort, asking another employee who your server or clerk was is a viable option. It's also possible, depending on his or her age, to ask if perhaps the two of you know each other from somewhere else. Telling a salesperson he or she looks just like a friend might serve as a good segue into asking for the name outright.

Staying strong
Remember, your role as the mystery shopper doubles as a customer. If you are at a loss for words, think about what you would naturally do in that situation. Plus, each shop gets easier. To get better at handling yourself in a variety of mystery shopping scenarios, you will have to continue learning from your mistakes and experiences along the way. Challenge yourself with one new type of shop each month. If car dealership or casino shops seem too involved, start with restaurant shops and work your way up to the more lucrative and time-consuming adventures.