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Unusual mystery shop for police officers still requires preparation

Using the services of a mystery shopping company can help shoppers find the most lucrative and reliable assignments. Businesses like Best Mark help shoppers avoid scams and establish good relationships with clients requiring their services.

One job you may not find anywhere else, though, is with law enforcement. According to a report from The Oxford Times, the Thames Valley Police is looking for voluntary mystery shoppers to inform the force on whether officers capably and kindly help with specific scenarios. Most of the interactions will test front-counter customer service.

Unlike many mystery shopping jobs, the Thames Valley Police are not offering any reimbursement for expenses incurred during the shop and they are not paying for the services. This is purely a voluntary opportunity for people looking to aid in the improvement of the police force. Any undercover civilian will have 28 days to carry out their assigned task and report back to their local police station.

One especially tricky aspect of this mystery shopping project is that the effort is public knowledge. The Thames Valley Police are looking for 300 to 500 volunteers. This is an excellent example of a job that requires a shopper to maintain a high level of professionalism and naturalism. Anyone who is expecting to be tested may drop hints that they suspect you of being a mystery shopper and your cover could be blown.

Remember to plan your shop well, as advised by Mystery Shop Maven. Make sure you know exactly what your task is and have hidden any papers with revealing information from sight. Know what emotional state you'll need to be in for the assignment. If the Thames Valley Police have asked you to pretend you've lost your dog, nonchalance is not an option.

Preparation is the key to any successful mystery shopping gig, and volunteering for the police is certainly no different.