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What to look for on an auto service mystery shop

The auto industry is a great one for mystery shoppers because there are so many different aspects to observe. While working a mystery shopping job at a dealership can be fun, especially if you get to test drive a new vehicle, don't pass up on the jobs that have to do with the service department. This can be a great way to get some needed work done on your vehicle. Unfortunately, you usually have to have a specific year, make and model of vehicle to be eligible - but if you keep an eye out, you could find a great way to get oil changes, routine maintenance and sometimes more. When working a mystery shopper's job for an automotive service shop, make sure to pay attention to the following. 

As with most mystery shopping jobs, you need to interact and speak with the people who are working there. One of the main reasons you're there is to report how they do their job so the company can improve customer service. Notice if they acknowledge you when you enter the building, what they say and how they treat you when you tell them what you need. Also note how they update you on the status of your vehicle. Most automotive service jobs take some time, so depending on the directions for the shop, you might have to track how long the job takes and how often you're updated by employees. 

Auto service shops should update their magazine selection regularly. Auto service shops should update their waiting room magazine selection regularly.

The shop building itself should also be inspected and considered. While your car is being serviced, sit in the waiting room if you're going to stay there while your vehicle is being worked on, or check out the restroom. During this time, you should look for cleanliness and organization. While in the waiting room, ask yourself these questions: Are the magazines fairly up to date? Are the chairs comfortable? Is there a TV to watch and does it work? Is it crowded? Make notes of the things you see. At automotive service shops, there will be times when you're alone, giving you a moment to add a note to your phone. These notes can come in handy when writing your report. 

Evaluation of the work
Unless you get under the hood and inspect the work that was done, you're not going to know how great of a job they really did. While most people wouldn't know what to look for, you can report how your car drove after your visit. Also, if something were to go wrong a few days down the road, it would be good to let the company know. 

Make sure to complete any special requirements
These types of jobs often come with special details. For example: Sometimes the client might want you to wait in the waiting room, other times they might want you to use the auto shop's shuttle service and other times they may not specify. Many clients will want you to call and schedule an appointment with the service shop. This way you're interacting with employees in person and on the phone in the same mystery shopping job. No matter what the directions are, make sure to follow them, otherwise your report may be rejected.