BestMetrix Business Intelligence

Customer Relationship Management Reimagined

Building Relationships with Technical Innovations

BestMark is a recognized innovator in the field of customer relationship management, and our technology is no exception.

We understand that to maintain an edge in today’s competitive environment, customer-focused companies need timely, actionable business intelligence.

We’ll partner with you to develop a program that uses BestMetrix to create, update and track data at all levels within your organization for performance feedback, coaching, recognition and development of action plans.

Combined with our proven customer-experience-enhancing methodologies, your program will provide the actionable insights you require to meet your objectives.

BestMetrix Business Intelligence Tools

Our proprietary web-based business intelligence platform gives you 24/7/365 access to a robust suite of reporting and analytics tools including:

  • Interactive dashboards
  • Performance scorecards
  • Dynamic query drill-down
  • Individual customer experience reports
  • Competitive intelligence reports
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) tracking
  • High-impact standard reports
  • Microsoft Excel data exports
  • Trending reports
  • Custom alerts
  • Optional action plans
  • Gap reporting integration/aggregation with external data
  • Pull data into your own systems from feeds and/or our API

BestMetrix Advantage

Unprecedented Insight into the Customer Experience

BestMetrix keeps all stakeholders informed about what customers are experiencing — providing rapid, clear and deep understanding of the often hidden and complex nature of a situation, problem or un-tapped opportunity.

A Powerful Coaching Tool

We believe that all employees want to perform well at their jobs. Employees want to learn new skills, develop their capabilities and boost their knowledge and careers. An effective leader wants to play a role in making this happen, but how?

Individual customer experience reports provide field leaders and supervisors with a play-by-play account of the customer experience within hours of it occurring. You can truly view the experience from the customer’s shoes, and with that, managers can effectively and efficiently deliver the coaching that both the employee and the customer deserve.

Unmatched Flexibility

In leading customer-centric organizations, everyone from the CEO to the cleaning staff takes responsibility for delivering a differentiated customer experience. BestMetrix’s powerful flexibility empowers leaders across teams, departments and divisions to make informed decisions and continually improve the customer experience.

Make a Calculated Business Move

See how BestMetrix can help you enhance the customer experience — and your competitive edge.