Never Underestimate the Power of Positive Reinforcement

How It Works

BestMark reward/incentive shop programs make it possible for you to recognize, reward and motivate employees for a job well done — on the spot. You’ll drive performance as you quickly generate positive changes in employee behavior that customers will notice.

When employees know there’s a chance that they can be rewarded for demonstrating desired behaviors, employee satisfaction and customer service go up across the board.

When mystery shoppers catch them in the act of upholding sales and service excellence (e.g., anticipating a need, suggestive selling a high-margin item or mentioning a promotion), they’re rewarded on the spot with the incentive you choose, such as a $25 gift card.

You’re rewarded, too, with employees who’ve established the habit of consistently exhibiting exceptional selling behaviors while providing every customer with excellent service.

Program Benefits

Your BestMark rewards and incentives program will also help you perform the following and more:

  • Keep goal behaviors visible and top of mind for all employees
  • Align company-wide focus on performing goal behaviors and improving the customer experience
  • Discover if customers are receiving consistently superior customer service at every location and customer touchpoint
  • Identify gaps in training needs
  • Improve suggestive selling and increase sales
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements to maintain a positive brand image

Rewarding What’s Right — On the Spot

To further foster motivation for frontline employees to correctly promote your products and services, we can implement rewards into your channel distribution mystery shopping / inspection program. A small gift card or other prize goes a long way toward reinforcing positive behaviors already occurring and also sets a great example for other employees. In addition, this helps keep your message top of mind. Everybody wins when you catch employees doing something right.

If, on the other hand, our field representatives discover that compliance is less than expected, our reports are a valuable tool to immediately determine where to focus training efforts and correct the problem.

Reinforce Employees’ Positive Behavior

Find out how BestMark rewards/incentive shop programs can benefit your business.