Guests Who Come First ... Last

At Your Service

Hotels win customers and build loyalty in part with quality facilities and amenities, but making a lasting impression also requires stellar service that exceeds guests’ expectations. BestMark’s hotel market research services help you train your employees to delight guests time and time again. Hotel market research and related services from BestMark positively impact employee engagement, service and guest satisfaction.

You’ll benefit from insights that show you exactly what went right and what went wrong at the moment of truth when guests come into contact with your personnel at every touchpoint — from making the initial reservation over the phone to room service and check-out.

Your Questions, Answered

Leading hotels and resorts worldwide have counted on us to help them evaluate and improve guest experiences. In partnership with you, we’ll develop a hotel market research program customized for you. Use it to answer and address the following questions and more:

  • Are your employees building rapport and emotional connections with guests?
  • What could you do to ensure fewer guests leave with a neutral or negative brand image?
  • What is your competition offering that your guests wish you offered and vice-versa?
  • Are your employees taking the time to sympathetically listen and respond to guests’ needs?
  • Are your employees correctly informing guests about your products, services and/or policies?
  • Are guests of every age, ethnicity and gender receiving the same exceptional level of service?
  • How satisfied are your employees, and how can you optimally improve their engagement?
  • Are promotional signs, displays and other types of marketing materials present and correctly positioned within your hotels?
  • Which locations within your organization consistently delight guests, and what are their best practices?
  • What company changes will result in the highest return on investment (e.g., is it more important to spend resources on shortening guest wait time or on more guest-service training)?
  • And more

Program Benefits

BestMark hotel market research services make it possible for you to:

  • Understand exactly what guest delight-driving behaviors look and sound like
  • Align company-wide focus on improving guests’ experiences, resulting in higher return rates
  • Track and trend behaviors guests especially appreciate to generate actionable data proven to increase guest satisfaction
  • Ensure compliance with brand standards
  • Customize programs to evaluate a variety of different guest touchpoints, staffed positions and scenarios
  • Gain valuable, detailed insight into the guest experience from our hotel research experts
  • Discover if guests are receiving consistently superior service at every location and touchpoint
  • Identify gaps in training needs

Give Guests a Lasting Impression

Earn repeat visits and referrals with hotel market research services that can help you deliver stellar guest service at every touchpoint.