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As one of the nation’s first and largest mystery shopping service providers, BestMark has made significant contributions to legitimizing mystery shopping as powerful research. We pride ourselves on continually leading and changing the landscape of our industry with proven and innovative mystery shopping, intercept interviewing, compliance auditing, customer satisfaction surveys and panel/focus group services.

Working with Fortune 500/100/50 companies and a variety of other businesses in a wide range of industries, we dedicate our team and resources to ensure you feel valued and to support our goal of making personal connections with each and every client. You will find that we thoroughly understand operations, technology and research, and we know what it takes to manage a successful customer-experience program.

The BestMark Advantage includes:

Vast geographical coverage

Partnering with BestMark gives you access to one of the largest and most skilled forces of field representatives in the industry. It includes more than 600,000 mystery shoppers, intercept interviewers, compliance auditors and panelists who professionally conduct tens of thousands of assignments each month in cities and towns across the U.S. and Canada.

Expertise from trailblazers

We were one of the very first mystery shopping companies ever established — the first to gather data online, the first to link mystery shop data to other research data and the first to dissect moments of truth that drive differentiation. We also continue to be an innovative force in shaping the landscape of the industry as it exists today.

Holistic approach

We offer an array of customer surveying methodologies and feedback options, such as mystery shopping, compliance auditing, intercept interviewing, panel/focus group discussions, surveys and more. All are designed to help you view your products, services and brand from a variety of perspectives and achieve optimal customer value, delight and loyalty.

Multiple perspectives

We think like store managers when it comes to improving customer service for our clients. We’re driven by a true passion for achieving results while adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards in the industry. In addition to serving our own clients, we can provide supportive, complementing data from years of mystery shopping and other collected customer and market-intelligence. These experiences — combined with access to benchmarking data — give us multiple perspectives to ultimately benefit your program, while strictly upholding the confidentiality of all our clients and partners.

Survey-development expertise

We’re experienced in developing a variety of survey formats in a wide range of layouts. We’ll partner with you to create a survey tool that’s customized to meet your specific program requirements so you can pinpoint the very attributes and behaviors proven to drive customer satisfaction, effective selling techniques and other critical performance attributes.

State-of-the-art technology

Our technology and reporting capabilities are cutting edge, and all of our software and systems are custom designed in-house, which provides us the flexibility to accommodate unique client requirements. We’re also first to provide extensive story-like narrative to frame the experience beyond numeric scoring, and we continue to develop new areas of both qualitative and quantitative research, analytics, technology and integrated customer-feedback programs.

Top quality with 100-percent completion rate

Many companies claim a completion rate of 100 percent, but at BestMark, we never break our promises. We perform hundreds of thousands of field visits (e.g., mystery shops, compliance audits, intercept interviews and panel/focus group discussions) a year, yet our error rate is almost nonexistent. Plus, our promised completion rate is 100 percent — no exceptions, no excuses. On top of that, the quality and accuracy of our mystery shop results are the best in the industry.

Direct one-on-one management of field representatives

Many companies consistently subcontract assignment-scheduling and quality-editing processes to businesses that offer mystery shop support services. Our dedicated staff of in-house project managers and quality editors communicate one-on-one with our field representatives every day. This ensures that our field representatives fully understand specific requirements to better produce actionable feedback for you.

Extensive field representative preparation

Before our field representatives conduct an assignment at your location(s) or call your employees posing as customers, they’ll be fully knowledgeable of your unique program requirements. Our field representatives will know exactly what to look and listen for, and we’ll ensure that all of your employees and locations are evaluated objectively, consistently and accurately.

Competitive pricing

We don’t believe that high quality market research automatically equates to an expensive program. Our rules-based systems and efficient processes make it possible for us to offer you the best of both worlds: superior services and competitive prices.

Licensed in Nevada

BestMark is one of only a handful of companies licensed to perform mystery shops in the state of Nevada, where a private investigator’s license is required in order to conduct these types of assignments.

Benefit from the BestMark Advantage

Improve your customer experiences to drive repeat business, brand loyalty and increased sales,
while turning customers into champions of your brand.