Stand Out with Exceptional Service

BestMark Understands the Retail Industry

Today, we can purchase just about anything online — except personalized service. Discover how to stand out and become guests’ store of choice with retail mystery shopping and/or customer satisfaction services from BestMark.

While you initially attract guests with creative ads and social promotions, your business success inevitably falls on those who directly interact with your guests. BestMark specializes in helping both brick-and-mortar and online retailers stand out in an increasingly competitive and digital market.

We have a rich history in successfully designing and executing mystery shop and customer satisfaction programs across all types of retailers. Use the data collected in our market research studies to not only coach and train employees, but also to celebrate successes and reward employees for modeling behaviors that drive customer satisfaction.

We’re one of only a handful of companies licensed in Nevada to perform mystery shops, employee engagement and customer satisfaction surveys in the state of Nevada, where a private investigator’s license is required in order to conduct these types of assignments.

Your Questions, Answered

Together, we’ll develop a customized retail mystery shopping or customer satisfaction program to meet your objectives. Use it to answer and address the following questions and more:

  • How do you ensure guests leave with a positive brand image?
  • How do you ensure more guests leave with a purchase?
  • What upselling techniques are most natural and resonate best with customers?
  • What is your competition offering that your guests wish you offered and vice-versa?
  • Do your employees build rapport and emotional connections with guests?
  • Are your employees asking the right questions and matching the right products to each customer’s needs?
  • Do employees correctly inform guests about your products, services and/or policies?
  • Is your inventory strategically displayed on the sales floor and available for purchase?
  • Which locations within your organization consistently delight guests, and what are their best practices?
  • What actions will result in the highest return on investment (e.g., is it more important to spend resources on shortening wait time or on more guest-service training)?
  • What company changes will positively impact intent to return and desire to recommend?

Program Benefits

BestMark retail mystery shopping and customer satisfaction services make it possible for you to:

  • Customize programs to evaluate a variety of guest touchpoints, staffed positions and scenarios
  • Understand exactly what guest delight-driving behaviors look and sound like
  • Better understand how guests perceive your brand and how loyal they are to your brand / organization
  • Discover if guests are receiving consistently superior service, and whether there are differences between locations or other geographic areas

Exceed Your Retail Guests’ Expectations

Improving the customer experience can reward you well with increased loyalty, sales and profitability as you delight your guests with consistently superior service every time and everywhere they interact with your store. Align with the world’s leader in retail mystery shopping services: BestMark.