Guests' Perceptions Are Your Reality

BestMark Understands the Restaurant Industry

Do you wish there was a clear roadmap for making a great, lasting impression on your guests? How do you entice them to return to your restaurant and recommend it to others?

Identify which behaviors and metrics directly link to exceeding your guests’ expectations, with restaurant data analysis services from BestMark.

We have a rich history in successfully designing and executing mystery shop, employee engagement and customer satisfaction survey programs at all types of restaurants, from fast food and casual dining to five-star gourmet. We’re also one of only a handful of companies licensed in Nevada to perform mystery shops, employee engagement and customer satisfaction surveys in the state of Nevada, where a private investigator’s license is required in order to conduct these types of assignments.

Use the data collected in our market research studies as a way to not only coach and train employees, but also celebrate successes and reward employees for modeling behaviors that drive employee engagement and — ultimately — guest satisfaction.

Your Questions, Answered

Together we’ll develop a restaurant mystery shopping, employee engagement or customer satisfaction survey program
customized for you. Use it to answer and address the following questions and more:

  • Do your employees build rapport and emotional connections with guests?
  • How do you ensure guests leave with a positive brand image?
  • What is your competition offering that your guests wish you offered and vice-versa?
  • Do your employees take time to sympathetically listen and respond to guests’ needs?
  • Which locations within your organization consistently delight guests, and what are their best practices?
  • What percentage of current customers are truly delighted and engaged with your organization?
  • What is the spend/profit difference between guests who are highly engaged versus those who aren’t?

Program Benefits

BestMark restaurant mystery shopping, employee engagement and customer satisfaction survey services make it possible for you to:

  • Customize programs to evaluate a variety of guest touchpoints, staffed positions and scenarios
  • Understand exactly what guest delight-driving behaviors look and sound like
  • Better understand how customers perceive your brand and how loyal they are to your brand/organization
  • Discover if guests are receiving consistently superior service, and whether there are differences between locations or other geographic areas
  • Align company-wide focus on improving guests’ experiences, resulting in higher return and customer spend rates
  • Track progress over time and compare results against benchmarks to measure performance
  • Evaluate the impact of new marketing and/or seasonal promotional material
  • Identify company-wide gaps in training needs
  • Coach and train employees and celebrate successes
  • Ensure compliance with brand standards

The Right Tools for Actionable Insights

People responding to employee engagement and customer satisfaction surveys provide different insights than mystery shops, as well as a larger number of responses more affordably. Our team will help you determine the most effective methodology and sample size for your specific needs. Oftentimes, our clients will choose a combination of mystery shops, employee engagement and customer satisfaction surveys in order to gain a more holistic view of the voice of the customer.

If you choose to conduct restaurant guest surveys, BestMark makes it possible for guests to access surveys via web, SMS or phone/interactive voice response (IVR) system. Common ways of accessing these are links printed on receipts, in-store QR code cards with a web link or phone/text number, web popups and email, or texts to guests who opted to receive a survey. Integrate with BestMark’s API to automatically send customer satisfaction surveys to your consumer base.

Serve Guests Well and Prosper

Improving the customer experience can reward you well with increased loyalty, sales and profitability as you delight your guests with consistently superior service every time and everywhere they interact with your restaurant. Align with the world’s leader in restaurant mystery shopping, employee engagement and customer satisfaction survey services: BestMark.