Your Items, in Stock, at the Prices Customers Expect

At Your Service

If you’re paying to have your items placed and advertised in stores, restaurants or other distribution channels, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth with channel distribution market research services from BestMark.

We can help you find out if — and take action to ensure — your brand messages, products and services are effectively presented. These efforts can benefit you, as well as your channel partners, with improved suggestive selling, more effective merchandising and increased customer satisfaction that can boost loyalty and sales.

How It Works

As a successful supplier, you know your job doesn’t end once your product enters the distribution channel. It takes a well-crafted marketing strategy to engage individual distribution companies and their frontline employees. In partnership with you, we put measures into place that encourage accountability. For example, you can:

  • Check whether sales associates or cashiers mention particular products or offers
  • Observe which brand(s) an employee recommends in response to a specific scenario
  • Evaluate if employees proactively suggest specific products, services or additional items
  • Inspect signage for compliance
  • Determine if the products are correctly placed on the selling floor per planogram requirements

Set Your Brand, Products and Services Up for Success

Delight customers with all you have to offer, with channel distribution market research services from BestMark.