Tip the Odds in Your Favor with Outstanding Customer Service

Program Benefits

Bet on a sure thing to help you improve your customer experience: mystery shopping and compliance services from BestMark. When you partner with us, you’ll gain the detailed insights you need to:

  • Understand what goes right, or wrong, at the at the moment of truth when guests come into contact with your casino employees
  • Improve employee compliance with policies, regulations and rules
  • Ensure employees are trained and empowered to consistently exceed customers’ expectations
  • Convince customers to choose your casino over the competition, stay longer and return more often
  • Build a loyal and satisfied customer base that positively impacts your bottom line

At Your Service

Some of the largest entertainment and casino groups in the world turn to us to help them improve their customer experiences. Together, we’ve designed and implemented customer service and casino mystery shopping programs that permeate all aspects of their properties. The insights they’ve gained has helped them dramatically enhance employee engagement, service, customer satisfaction and sales.

Licensed in Nevada: We’re one of only a handful of companies licensed to perform mystery shops in the state of Nevada, where a private investigator’s license is required in order to conduct these types of assignments.

Why BestMark?

You can benefit, too, when you work with the experts at BestMark to measure your customer experiences and/or reward employees on the spot for jobs well done — all at the touchpoints you specify. Your program can make it possible for you to evaluate and reward a full range of casino employees, from arcade attendants and cage cashiers to restaurant/buffet servers, valets and others.

Ensure Your House Always Wins

Explore how to evaluate, reward and improve performance with services from BestMark.