Make Your Customers’ Online Experience Click

Helping You Understand Online Behavior

In today’s marketplace, e-commerce plays a significant role in everyday business transactions, growing and expanding every year. More than ever, people use company websites, apps, and social media to research the products and services they are interested in, ultimately leading to online purchases and buying decisions.

The first place that your future customers will learn about your brand is probably online! Understanding how your customers (and potential customers) see your brand online — from researching products and getting assistance to placing their order and receiving the shipment — is essential to optimizing their journey from stranger to repeat customer and brand ambassador.

Is Your Brand an Online Leader?

People look at shopping differently when buying online as opposed to in person. Understanding your customers’ expectations, perceptions and behavior is essential to successfully establishing your brand as an online leader.  

The way that your brand interacts with customers and prospects online has a huge impact on their buying decisions and willingness to promote your business through reviews and social sharing. BestMark has a rich and successful history in evaluating customer experiences for businesses offering physical products, digital products and consumer-based services.

In some cases, we can even take an omni-channel approach and combine BestMark’s physical mystery shopping capabilities with e-commerce shops. This enables us to understand the holistic customer experience more deeply, from all touchpoints. Evaluating all of the channels of communication that are available to customers provides a more seamless brand experience.

Your Questions, Answered

Together, we’ll develop a customized online customer experience program to enhance your online presence in ways that meet your objectives. Use it to answer and address the following questions and more:

  • What do customers need to do to return a product they bought online?
  • How easy is it for potential customers to find what they are looking for on my website?
  • Is assistance or access to help available when customers need it?
  • How many upsell opportunities does our website offer to customers and how disruptive are they to the purchase process?
  • How easy is it for customers to compare and contrast product options or variations?
  • Are the follow-up emails that customers receive after inquiring about a product or making a purchase helpful? Do they encourage or explain next steps?
  • What happens when customers post reviews about products they buy, or post comments about their experiences with our brand? If so, how well does my brand engage with those customers to encourage brand loyalty?
  • Do customers understand what to expect about how and when their order will be shipped, delivered or ready for pickup, both before and after an order?
  • How was the order packed for shipment and delivered?

Types of E-commerce Programs

Depending on the unique needs of your business, BestMark can design programs around these subjects or processes:

  • Online or website product evaluation and purchase process
  • Product purchase and order delivery or pickup
  • Product purchase and return
  • Product search or availability
  • Product or brand compliance
  • Product or brand quality
  • Customer ordering experience (including timing and content of communications)
  • Delivery experience (including packaging and product presentation)

Show Your Commitment to Online Excellence

BestMark can help you identify the high points and the pain points of your brand’s digital presence, ensuring that your business shines online.