How We Work

We Roll up Our Sleeves and Deliver

Design, Gather, Interpret and Advance

Leading companies turn to BestMark to address their unique business challenges. We understand that each industry requires a slightly different approach to maximize the value of the solution and will adapt the following fundamentals of our approach to suit your unique needs.

1. Discuss

We have a unique relationship with each of our clients, but each was set in motion in a simple way — with a conversation. With our expertise and experience working across industries, we come to the table with a core understanding of the challenges our clients are asked to tackle.

2. Assess

Once we understand your aspirations, we begin an intensive fact-gathering and analysis process aimed at fully framing the factors that connect to your challenges and objectives. The scope of this stage varies depending on the complexity of the challenge and the internal information you provide, but it often incorporates the following components:

  • Company Assessment: Understanding your brand promise, strategic objectives and any relevant current or past initiatives; analysis of any available training materials and customer satisfaction data
  • Market / Competitor Assessment: Identifying customer and market trends, your competitive landscape and competitive initiatives
  • Customers Assessment: Mapping the customer experience and identifying key attributes and behaviors that drive customer satisfaction, delight and loyalty

3. Design

With an intimate understanding of your challenges, we will draw on an arsenal of proven services, solutions and best practices from industry leaders to design your program. Our survey forms are designed to isolate unique human, digital, and business factors that delight your customers and set your brand apart from your competitors.

In addition, we can integrate data from all parts of your organization to produce consolidated reports that clearly pinpoint strengths and opportunities as measured from a variety of sources. The goal is to uncover which tangible elements of your customers’ experiences are most significantly driving their delight and satisfaction or identify any opportunity for improvement.

4. Implementation and measurement

The extensive preparation that goes into the design of your program ensures flawless implementation. During this stage, we continuously measure, analyze and improve the key drivers that directly influence customer gratification, advocacy and intent to return.

Measuring performance is essential to enable you to make data-driven decisions that produce sustainable performance improvements.

5. Analyze

We understand that data has no life of its own. We give legs to the data through our technology and approach to analysis. With the help of our market research experts and BestMetrix, our proprietary web-based business intelligence platform, we use statistical analysis to interpret findings and quantify connections to the factors that influence profitability.

The result of this powerful customer experience analysis is actionable insights that empower your organization to drive customer delight and limitless profitability.

6. Improve

This entire process is an ongoing cycle of continuous improvement. We will make incremental adjustments throughout all stages of execution and analysis to make sure we consistently deliver the best and most actionable services and solutions possible.

Drive Customer Satisfaction and Delight

Benefit from our approach to enhancing the customer experience.