Meaningfully Impact Employee Performance

How It Works

Delight and energize employees from within. Provide the feedback they want and need to perform. Internal evaluation services from BestMark can help keep employees engaged in their jobs and successful in taking care of your customers

Conducting employee evaluations annually or every six months with no mechanism in place to provide frequent feedback may not be enough to set up employees for workplace success on a continual basis. Maintaining ongoing effectiveness in a mystery shop program can also be difficult.

Fortunately, implementing a system of internal employee evaluations, in conjunction with external mystery shops and/or a customer satisfaction program, is the most successful method for improving employee behaviors on a long-term basis.

Performing internal evaluations and providing consistent feedback is a great way to promote employee growth and satisfaction. It also keeps goal behaviors top of mind for all involved.

Success from the Inside, Out

We bring measurement from outside evaluations into a hands-on, engaging internal process and teach managers and front-line supervisors how to measure and observe behaviors that achieve internal goals.

Integrating internal employee evaluations with market research data begins by identifying the unique key drivers for your organization. Key drivers are the primary behaviors that most significantly drive customer delight and internal initiatives.

Once the key drivers are identified, employees are trained to perform those specific behaviors. Managers are also trained how to observe — and model — these behaviors for other employees. These measurement tools are then used as the basis of a cycle of internal evaluations and coaching to fuel continuous improvement.

Program Benefits

Our training and tools allow you to create customer delight from within your business. As a result, you benefit from:

  • A highly visible internal program that increases awareness and employee satisfaction and, in turn, drives customer satisfaction and spending
  • An easy-to-use web interface where evaluation results are entered, analyzed and linked to other performance measures
  • Ability to create standards for performance outcomes and implement action outcomes that give every employee a stake in self-improvement

BestMetrix Business Intelligence

Get timely, actionable business intelligence with BestMetrix — our proprietary web-based business intelligence platform that gives you 24/7/365 access to a robust suite of reporting and analytics tools.

We’ll partner with you to develop a program that uses BestMetrix to aggregate, update and track data at all levels within your organization for performance feedback, coaching, recognition and development of action plans. Combined with our proven customer-experience-enhancing methodologies, your program will provide the actionable insights you require to meet your objectives.

Enhance the Employee Experience

Listening and responding to your employees can reward you well with increased loyalty, performance and profitability.