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Tips for Mystery Shoppers

How much does mystery shopping pay?

How much does mystery shopping pay?

Mystery shopping rates are as varied as the assignments themselves. This article offers tips to help you earn good money as a successful mystery shopper.

Mystery shop at luxury hotels

Instead of digging around for steep travel discounts or missing out on a vacation, try secret shopping and stay in a hotel for free.

Business Trends

How mystery shopping affects employees

How mystery shopping affects employees

The staff who interact with mystery shoppers are affected by more than just final evaluations. Consider your team when building a mystery shopping program.

Mystery shopping a bank

Mystery shopping a bank

Financial institutions like banks often use mystery shoppers, and the experience provides some unique challenges. Preparing for them in advance will help you remember the important points of the assignment.

Mystery shopping at the gym

Mystery shopping at the gym

Health clubs and fitness centers frequently use secret shoppers to evaluate and improve their business. This article provides specific tips for shopping these businesses.

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