Tobacco / Dispensary Compliance Audit Services

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To comply with government tobacco and marijuana dispensary regulation, retailers are being asked to increase training efforts and improve screening of minors at points of purchase.

BestMark can partner with you to implement tobacco and dispensary compliance audit programs that deliver results and protect your reputation. From us, you gain access to more tobacco and dispensary sales regulation auditors in more places and the efficiency to offer you feedback faster than the competition.

Our knowledgeable regulation audit specialists will uncover the reality of whether or not your stores are in compliance with policy regulations or with the expectations you set for marketing and promotional efforts. We also provide you with results quickly and have the capacity to audit just a few or thousands of your sites.

Program benefits

How your BestMark tobacco and/or dispensary compliance program can benefit you:

  • Protection from mandatory state inspections/stings with proven training programs
  • Feedback in less than 48 hours of a scheduled audit — the fastest in the industry
  • Access to in-depth dashboard analysis for multi-location management and efficient oversight of all your locations
  • Ability to avoid fines, legal issues and lost sales from loss of tobacco and/or marijuana sales rights

Compliance Audit Services Customized
for Your Business

With more than three decades of experience, we understand operations, technology and market research and know what it takes to implement an exceedingly effective tobacco and/or dispensary compliance auditing program:

National tobacco and dispensary auditor coverage

With field representatives in thousands of cities and towns across the United States, we have the capacity to conduct top-quality audits nationwide. We’re also one of a limited number of companies licensed to operate in Nevada.

Tobacco and dispensary audit-specific expertise

Many companies that offer both mystery shopping and auditing services fail to recognize that these two types of programs are very different and need to be managed as such. Not all mystery shoppers can be successful auditors and vice-versa. We know how to prepare field representatives for auditing programs according to the most effective methodologies. Our auditors will know exactly what to inspect at your locations.

Adept auditors

BestMark auditors understand how to conduct both concealed and revealed audits. During concealed audits, they’ll discretely perform their assigned tasks without your employees’ knowledge. During revealed audits, field representatives present letters to managers that explain an audit is underway. During revealed audits, our auditors won’t point fingers. Rather, they’ll respectfully partner with your employees toward the ultimate goal of identifying improvements and maintaining your company’s positive brand image.

100% completion rate

At BestMark, we never break our promises. Our promise to you is a completion rate of 100 percent — no exceptions, no excuses. Furthermore, the quality and accuracy of our audit results are the best in the industry.

Competitive pricing

Tobacco and dispensary regulation compliance audits can be as quick and simple as age verification or offer you further analysis on merchandising and employee behavior. Either way, due to the rules-based systems and efficient processes we’ve developed over the years, we can offer you the best of both worlds: superior services and competitive prices.

Powerful Compliance Audit Technology

BestMark’s tobacco and/or dispensary compliance auditors use online and mobile technology to conduct compliance audits that make it possible to complete more audits with greater accuracy and in less time than traditional, paper-based audits. You also benefit from access to BestMetrix, a proprietary web-based reporting platform that allows you to aggregate, update and track data at all levels within your organization for performance feedback, coaching and issue resolution.

With access to BestMetrix, you’re able to:

  • Dynamically create ad hoc reports on the fly
  • Update customized action plans
  • Grant store managers direct access to audit results so they can resolve issues on the front lines in an instant
  • Analyze both quantitative and qualitative data; measuring the impact of your customer experience and satisfaction
  • And much more!

Protect Your Business

Ensure your employees are accurately screening minors at points of purchase with a tobacco and/or dispensary compliance audit program from BestMark.