Mystery shopping a gas station can be a lot of fun, and if you spend a lot of money on gasoline, then this could be a good job for that reason alone. The work also tends to pay well, according to an article posted in Mystery Shopper Magazine.

Typically, there are both revealed and unrevealed jobs. The difference between these is striking because in a revealed job, you will actually go to the clerk and explain you are a mystery shopper, and then ask to be taken to specific sites, such as the bathrooms. You must photograph everything to make sure the location looks clean and in good condition.

Unrevealed jobs can be harder because you must take the same photographs without letting anyone know who you are. However, both jobs begin the same way — the mystery shopper simply buys gas and then goes into the convenience store to make a purchase. The item might be determined in advance. For example, the owners might ask you to buy a sandwich and comment on its freshness and taste.


One of the challenges for this job, according to another article in Mystery Shopper Magazine, is that you must take photographs of the site. For someone doing the job as an unrevealed mystery shopper, this must be done in concealment. This is easier said than done – trying to take photographs unobserved by the attendant will require a certain amount of skill. The pictures must be clear and in focus.

Pro tip: When taking pictures for the assignment, pretend to be taking a photo of something else. This could work if someone does a job with a partner. You could have your phone camera out and surreptitiously take shots of the fuel pumps while pretending to photograph a friend. Some jobs require images of each pump separately, while others only want a photograph representative of the site as a whole.

Generally, when gas station mystery shopping trips are rejected, it’s because the photographs are not good enough. As a rule, it may be good to take multiple images of the same things. You should also note beforehand what to take pictures of. The photography will likely be the hardest part of the job, so practice by going to a different gas station and looking to see where everything is. This way you won’t have to search for it.

Letters of authentication

On jobs when you reveal you are a mystery shopper, the clerk will likely ask for proof of this. The company will provide you with a letter of authentication, indicating who you are and what you are doing. Make a purchase before revealing yourself or the letter, in case the attendant asks you to leave the station, which can happen from time to time.

Additionally, sometimes if you are found taking photographs of the site, it may be a good idea just to reveal yourself and show your letter of authentication. This is why you usually get one on both revealed and unrevealed jobs. If you are taking on an unrevealed job, you may wish to make all your purchases first to take care of service, and then take the photographs afterwards. This is so you receive a representative experience of shopping in the gas station. If you have already revealed yourself to be a mystery shopper, there would be very little reason to buy something and rate the service of the attendant.

Calling your bank

Depending on the bank, making multiple small gas purchases in one day may seem odd, which may result in the financial institution deciding to shut down your card. To avoid this, call a representative at your bank and let him or her know what you’re doing. This will avoid any confusion and let you work without interruption.