One of the most popular ways for consumers to get more fruits and vegetables into their diets is through fresh-pressed juices. If you run a health-centric locale like a juice bar or you’re interested in expanding your business into juicing, it’s important to help set these customers up for success. BestMark can assign detail-oriented individuals, called mystery shoppers, to come into your stores and walk through a typical interaction with your staff. They can then provide in-depth feedback about their experiences. Hiring mystery shoppers can ensure that your place of business is ready.

Quench your thirst with fresh juice

Juice bars have grown in popularity in recent years. According to FONA International, which works with many food and juice producers, the juicing market has turned into a $2.3 billion per year revenue stream – and there seems to be no stopping it. Consumers love the inventive combinations that help them stay on track with their healthy lifestyles. There are now more options than ever for restaurateurs to take advantage of juicing. Owners can press juice fresh for customers or, for those who are too busy to make fresh juice, they can bring in high pressurized juice, which is ideal for restaurants, as they have longer shelf lives and are perfect for individuals on the go.

Which option will your customers respond to? Mystery shoppers can give feedback on the presentation of these juices.

Wow customers with knowledgeable staff

Juicing fresh produce offers a long list of benefits. Is your staff knowledgeable about these benefits? Customers will be curious about tinctures or additions like matcha powder and bee pollen. For the employees who can speak to the health benefits of these products, it’s a wonderful opportunity to build long-term relationships with customers and offer upsells that may be of interest. Both of these interactions are critical for helping any business thrive throughout the year. Bringing in mystery shoppers can help you verify your staff’s knowledge about these juices and whether they are including relevant discounts and sales. This is a fantastic opportunity for business owners to see how their customer experience compares with that of their competitors.

Offering stellar customer service is a great opportunity for your business to differentiate from the competition. The best way to do that is to provide authentic interactions with your customers. It doesn’t matter how good your products are if your staff isn’t creating a welcoming atmosphere. Mystery shoppers can take note of positive employee attitudes and behaviors. Working to create a pleasant environment, along with delivering delicious juices, will help your business stay strong all year round.

Let BestMark’s mystery shoppers help your business

BestMark brings over 30 years of experience to restaurant mystery shopping. We extensively train our mystery shoppers so they walk in with questions specifically tailored to your business. In addition, we look to make sure customers are receiving the same excellent services at multiple locations.