As summer comes to a close and school starts up again, college students are looking for jobs that work with their busy schedules. Some opt for an on-campus gig or a restaurant by their university to earn some extra cash. But mystery shopping could be the perfect part-time job they’re looking for. Here is why you can benefit from part-time secret shopping jobs as a student:


College students have some of the most complex schedules out there. You have class requirements to meet, extracurricular activities to attend, studying to accomplish, all the while trying to fit in a social life. Erratic schedules make it tough to find a stable job even thought that’s precisely what college students need. Not only do most mystery shopping companies allow you to make your own schedule, but you can also save time while working, which can benefit your personal life.

For example, one of your assignments could be to secret-shop at your university’s local grocery store. Because most shopping assignments require you to purchase something (although you can receive reimbursement), you can shop while you work. That way, you can get the things that you need and also make money in the process.

In addition, the hours could benefit your education. Some jobs like waiting tables require you to work long shifts into the night, causing you to lose sleep. Because students have homework to do nearly every night, long hours are less than ideal. A typical mystery shopping assignment takes place during the daytime so it won’t disrupt your sleep or your studies.


Regardless of where your school is located, odds are it was tough to get used to a brand-new environment. Mystery shopping will give you a reason to explore. You will visit local restaurants or shops that you wouldn’t normally frequent. This will allow you to be more familiar with your surroundings. That way, you’ll be able to share this new information with your friends, like where to get the best pizza or the grocery store that sells the cereal you like.


There’s more to the job than just shopping. As a mystery shopper, you will have to write reports based on your particular assignments. These reports are where you outline your entire secret shopping experience that include a number of things, such as the cleanliness of the store or shop or the customer service you received. This gives you an opportunity to expand your writing skills outside of the classroom, only you’ll get paid while doing so. These reports can vary in length, but are required to be very detailed and meticulously done. The more detail you include, the better these companies can train their employees and improve their business practices.

Similar to term papers and exams, mystery shopping reports are usually graded by the company. You’ll be about to earn more money based on the mystery shopping grades you receive. Writing will not only improve your bank account, but maybe you’ll also see both your mystery shopping and school grades rocket.