Being a mystery shopper is a great experience. Even if you only use it to supplement your income, you’re doing something that most people will never have the chance to do. Being a mystery shopper is an exciting and fun way to earn money.

There are also more pragmatic reasons for being a mystery shopper, such as being able to choose when and where you work, as well as being your own boss.

Ultimately, the ones who mystery shop the best and really succeed in the industry are those who are self-directed and have the right discipline to look for work and set themselves up for a mystery shopping adventure. If you think of yourself as a go-getter and a bit of a private detective, then you could do very well in the profession of mystery shopping.

The benefits of being a mystery shopper

One of the great aspects of mystery shopping is that you can choose when you work and what jobs you take. According to Mystery Shop Maven, the proper description of a mystery shopper is independent contractor, which means you don’t have a regular employer. You work for yourself and can choose the jobs you want. For those who are independently minded or have other activities or even a regular job, the ability to schedule your time around your own needs is a major mystery shopping bonus. If you don’t want to work during the weekends, then you will never have to work on those days. Contrariwise, if the only time you have in your busy schedule is a Sunday morning, you can find time to work then as well.

Being a mystery shopper means that you are responsible for your life. Some people become anxious with this level of liability — without taking the time go out and find work, you won’t get paid. Others are thrilled by the chance to be their own person, answering to no one but themselves. For those who enjoy the adventure of a life lived unscripted and without a clear set of rules, it can be very exciting to mystery shop.

Even if you choose to have an ordinary job, so there’s always a dependable source of income, mystery shopping can be a very fun hobby. For people who like to gamble at casinos, choosing only to mystery shop once in a while at such a place is a great way to make the casino trip even more fun. You can let mystery shopping take as big or as small a role in your life as you want.

Things to consider if you want to join the business

As with any job, there are points of advice that ought to be given to someone who embarks on this new career path. The first is that it can take some time to get enough experience for the very heavy and difficult jobs. According to Wise Bread, some of the earlier work doesn’t pay as well as more advanced mystery shops. A good rule of thumb may be to begin your journey into the industry as a hobbyist, and expand into the role as you become more adept and gain the job skills to be able to do the complicated gigs that require timing people and taking on different identities.

Another thing to consider is that mystery shoppers gain most of their chops by looking clearly and dispassionately at everything in front of them — and remembering it perfectly! You will write very detailed reports, including the names of everyone you come into contact with. This is why it helps to start small and work your way up.

In the end, for some of the more adventurous-minded people in the world, mystery shopping can be great fun, but it does take time to get to the really juicy work.