When it comes to customer service, restaurants are constantly trying to improve their methods. That is why so many businesses use mystery shopping companies; they allow them to get a good look at their service from a customer’s point of view.

As a secret shopper, you may be excited to receive assignments at sit-down restaurants. However, you might not even have to leave your home to work. Sometimes, your assignment will be to order delivery from a restaurant. Though this may sound simple, there are vital things you must know when mystery shopping from a restaurant that delivers. Here are some things to remember if you are working a food-delivery assignment as a secret shopper:

1. Time is essential

Although there are many details you will be including in your mystery shopping report, time is at the top of the list. When it comes to delivery assignments, be sure to mark down the exact time you ordered the food and when you received the delivery. Long waits are one of the biggest complaints from customers who order delivery, so companies are trying to manage their timeliness.

Be sure to ask the employee on the phone what the estimate time for delivery is. Some companies automatically tell you, but some do not. Having all three times written down for comparison is extremely beneficial in your mystery shopping company.

2. Food details are necessary

When your meal is being delivered, the quality of the food is an extremely pertinent aspect. Is the food cold when it’s supposed to be hot or vice versa? Did the delivery method cause spillage? Is your order correct? Did the restaurant include utensils and napkins? Examine all the characteristics of the food to note in your reports later. Compare your order with your receipt to be sure there are no discrepancies.

3. Overall customer service and attitude

Just because delivery requires less interaction than a sit-down restaurant, it does not mean total loss of human contact. Specifics that should be included in your report include the attitude and service of the people on the phone and in person. Are they positive and helpful? Or are they cold and annoyed? Unlike an in-person visit to a store, you won’t be able to note a employee’s appearance. However, most employees are required to say their name when they answer the phone. Try and remember the person’s name if you plan to note it in your assignment reports. You can always ask if you missed it, as well.